Graphic Design: Japanese Fusion

I’m working on a graphic design project for a client right now that is melding the idea of traditional and modern Japan.  In researching the subject, I was draw to lots of traditional items such as calligraphy, clothing, art, buildings, trees, etc.  For modern all I could think of was robots and Hello Kitty.  Probably not what they had in mind.  I decided to switch gears from images to the text, and starting looking for fonts.  Before long and found these two:

The traditional made my think of calligraphy and cut the edge from the modern version.  Next I found this photography which became the inspiration for all the photos I ended up using:

I wanted to use hints of red, but have black and white be the main color elements to keep it clean and simple.  So I took the photos we were using and changed all the none red portions to grayscale.  The end result being:

I also thought about using some sketches to play as the “old” to the photographs “new.”  The two below seemed to be just perfect.  The building is an actually sketch, while the tree is an altered photograph that I took a while back.  One of the options ended up a little like this (with the clients sensitive info cropped out):


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