Traveled to : Washington, DC in the Snow

It could be argued that this is not a true “traveled to” post since I live here.  However, given the 1.5 hour walking / metro / walking again commute to work (a 4.5 mile distance in the city) that I experienced yesterday, I feel it counts.

I currently live in the neighborhood of Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.  These first couple of photos were taken with my phone and not any great feat of photographic excellence by any standard, but they show you what we were all seeing late Friday night, before the snow really got underway:

By Saturday afternoon when I got to work, the Kennedy Center looked like this:

There were a surprising number of patrons who came to see the matinee performances. One couple I spoke with came over on skis. Another walked 2 miles and was so happy that the shows hadn’t been cancelled because it was the only time she could see her performance of choice.
Having grown up in New Hampshire, I was pleased to see 20″ of snow.  Not since the snow storm of 2003 have we had any notable amount of snow fall in the DC metro area.  Once the media panic wears off, it’s just fun to see the neighborhood kids try to sled down the alleyway on trashcan lids.


2 thoughts on “Traveled to : Washington, DC in the Snow

  1. I think the only reason I still like snow a tiny little bit is because it reminds me of snowdays off school. When they called our school on the radio, my sister and I would scream and dance! Now, on the other hand…


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