Wedding Idea’s from Etsy

I’m getting married this summer and unlike a few people I know, I wasn’t that newly engaged person who knew every detail about everything a day after the engagement.  After the initial excited started to fade, I had a big moment of “oh wow, I have some things to do!”

So, I decided to hit Etsy and look around for some inspiration.  I started fav-ing things that caught my eye and here is what I found:

Custom Wedding Cake Topper by RedLightStudio

Cute Little birdies for the top of your cake.  You can add a nest for the couple to sit on as well as a veil for the bride or top hat for the groom. There are also adorable penguins and owls.

Ivory Bridesmaid’s Bouquet by KreatedbyKelly
Cute as a button!  “Oh So Shabby Button Flower Collection” to be exact.  This fabric and button arrangement is perfect for your crafty wedding where you can’t get your hands on real flowers or where you simple don’t want them!

blythe natural comb by whichgoose

whichgoose has a large selection of combs, crowns and clips suited for the whimsical of celebrations!  In addition to being a local Washington, DC artist, I love that every one of her pieces is just a little bit different from the next.  Truly handmade head-wear at its best.

Large Family Tree by lovliday
Blend your families with this cute idea from lovliday.  You are sent the tree minus the “leafs” to print out for the wedding day.  Then you have a green ink pad and ask your family to “leaf their thumbprint and sign their name” on the tree.  Frame later and have a lasting piece of art that is personal and fun.

Truly Yours Clutch by tulipcouture
After months of planning, a few near catastrophes, a bit of crying, lots of laughing and some very supportive bridesmaids….you owe them.  Show your appreciating with these custom clutches.  They come in a wide variety of fabrics that will fit just about anyone’s taste.


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