coffee coffee coffee!

It gets me through my day.  And on a cloudy winter morning such as this, I thought I’d share with you the smooth and creamy flavors of Etsy:

“I’ll have a Cafe-Mocha-Vodka-Valium-Latte to go please”  That pretty much says it all on this vintage inspired red pendant.  $19
Dollhouse sized saucer, mug and spoon on a chain complete with our favorite brown liquid in the cup.  Too cute.  $10

Hand carved rubber stamp by brownpigeon
Show everyone your love of all things caffeine with this coffee mug and steam swirlies stamp.  Hand carved and leaving me wanting the real thing.  $19.95

Where sewing meets wall art.  A new trend recently (along with mustaches and all things owls), is embroidery hoops being used as frames for wall art.  This 4″ round coffee carafe on a denim blue background is a perfect example of the trend.  $25

Speaking of ‘staches, here is an adorable set of mugs sporting the new fad.  Keeps your drink and your lips warm.  $20

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