Urban Forest Project

As I may have mentioned before, my banner submission for the Urban Forest Project – Washington, DC was accepted and will hang in downtown DC for two months this spring.  On Sunday I met some of the fine folks organizing the project while (gulp) giving them a taped interview for their promotional purposes. As someone who does not speak on camera often, this was…..enlightening.  The crew couldn’t have been nicer and more relaxed.  But it’s amazing what pops out of your mouth when you’re some-what-nervously speaking into a camera.

I also found that their using some of the out-takes for the project as well (oh good lord).  I only said one or two idiotic things, and those were answers to the random “If you were a DC monument, which one would you be?” and “If you were an artist’s tool, what would you be?” questions.  My answer on film to the later?  “I would be a compass.  Because everything in design comes full circle and I’m pretty well rounded.”  Hitting my head on the desk right about now.  May not be providing you all with a link afterall…

For fun, here is a copy of my banner which will be downtown Washington, DC in April/May 2010.  More info on exactly where in about a month.


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