Timing is Everything

I’ve realized (suddenly?) that I’m having a serious lack of extra time lately. I hesitate calling it “free time” as it’s not time I’m looking to lounge on the couch watching 6 hours of TV.  It’s really time I’d like to be sewing, making ornaments/note cards, blogging, etc.

Design work has been really busy, which is good, because I can pay my bills and buy the shiny new iMac I’ve been needing for awhile.  it’s also nice that the jobs are coming to me.  I’m pretty lucky to have a few steady clients who always seem to need a new piece at the exact moment I finish another project.  The timing has been nothing short of miraculous this year.

I’m also getting married in 6 weeks (yikes – that’s coming up!) and while my background in event planning mixed with my OCD super-logistics-girl tendencies has helped me get things set, I’m sure there’s something I’m forgetting.  Also, my fiance and I moved into a new house a few weeks ago, which is a good thing but it definitely takes a while to get settled and back into the routine of things.

So what’s a girl to do?  Budget my time better you say?  Hire an assistant you say?  Nah.  I’ll probably just leave it until after the wedding, then have fun this summer when work will likely be slower.  But it’s nice to get it out there.  :)


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