For the Love of Typefaces

Every designer I’ve met has love affair with fonts.  Professionally made typefaces are sexy, beautiful, masterfully created little pieces of art that can make or break your design piece.  My latest love affair is with House Industries out of Yorklyn, Deleware.  As REM would say, if I had a million dollars…i’d buy every single one of these fonts.  But since I don’t have a million dollars, I had to buy just one:

This is a clean, san-serif font. Straight lines, with even, wide bowls. The first thing I noticed about this typeface though, was its low x-height.  To me, it gives it almost an architectural and mathmatical feel.  Ever letter is the perfect compliment to the next.

The sharp points at the elbows of the “N” are more noticeable in the bolder versions.  Notice the different “M” and “Q” options.  A simple change like that can make a big difference in the feel of your project.  A last quick preview of some additional House Industries collections:

Unless you’re a professional graphic designer, you most likely don’t buy fonts.  Mostly because websites like, and exist and partly because most folks don’t realize that there’s a difference.  But the typefaces you find for free can’t compare to the collections that professional font designers create.

It is truly art.

(All images are the property of the awesomely creative House Industries)


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