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I thought I’d share with you some of the blogs and websites that have been inspiring me lately.

~ ~ ~
Ruffled Blog
My favorite source of vintage wedding photos and ideas.  The first time I looked at this blog was the same day I had my first (and only) mini-wedding-melt-down.  After browsing through 25+ pages of gorgeous wedding pics, I declared all my ideas to be horrible and tacky.  A glass of wine later though, I realized that I was not that far off and by tweaking a few things, it would be picture-perfect and exactly what I want.
~ ~ ~
Bohemian Vintage
A Tampa, Florida staple, Bohemian Vintage also has a great blog full of artsy ideas.  A lot of their stuff is also for sale via their Etsy shop.
~ ~ ~
Style Me Pretty
Another great wedding photo-book.  This one focuses on more of the invitation, dress and vendor part of the planning and less about the whole concept.  But it’s still fun to look at.  There are quite a bit of helpful links to different vendors used in the shots as well as shop ads on the sidebar that are fun to browse.
~ ~ ~
Lovely, fresh, hip ideas for your space.  There are a lot of features of different shops and sites on here, which is perfect if you have the money to spend on a cool new room.
~ ~ ~
Etsy Wedding
Support handmade!  I purchased a lot of my wedding items on Etsy including my attendant gifts, ties for the gents, headpiece, centerpiece items and vintage decor props.
~ ~ ~
Royal Steamline
Can I have one massive event a year, each with a different theme inspired by these invitations?  Because I’d do it.  They’re just that cool.

~ ~ ~

So what blogs and websites inspire you?  Let us know in the comments section.

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