My DIY Wedding

It has taken me a lot longer than I thought to get this post up.  :)  But now, a month after the wedding, I’m ready to share some of the aspects of the big day.
We really wanted to tie in the beautiful scenery and victorian mansion into our decor, so we grabbed some vintage books from home and paired them with mason jars of candles and wildflowers for the centerpieces.  The bridemaids and my mom spent a great deal of time tying twine around the necks of the jars for an added touch.
For favors, we chose to make a CD of some of the music played at the wedding.  Our guests really enjoyed having something fun to listen to on the way home.
Instead of a traditional guestbook, I designed a postcard that people could write notes on the back of.  I found this great basket on Etsy which was our take on a mailbox.  It was a big hit, but of course now I need to come up with something creative to do with all these cards!
We purchased the neckties, necklaces and earrings for the attendants as well as my veil on Etsy.  It was nice to pair our big-store bought clothing with something more personal and crafted.
Wedding Photography by Chris Zarconi.  Graphic Design by Sarah Hitchcock Burzio.  Mail basket from AuracaunaDesigns.  Bridesmaid necklaces/earrings by TheSilverDog.  Bridesmaid dresses by J Crew.  Groom/Groomsmen neckties by rabbitstop.  Bride’s headpiece by hemsandbustles.  Paper items from Paper Source.
Photo’s in this article by Chris Zarconi, Sarah Hitchcock Burzio, Jimmy Klein, and the owners of the fabulous shops listed above.

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