Flower Ornament w/ Instructions

These flower felt & fabric ornaments were very easy to make.  They’d be a great kids project (moms might want to do the needle/thread part though).  They only took about 10 minutes each to make.

 – Felt
 – Fabric
 – 9″ piece of ribbon
 – needle / thread
 – button
 – glue
 – scissors
1.  Cut five 1.5″ circles out of felt and five 1″ circles out of fabric.
2.  Use fabric glue to glue the fabric circles onto the felt circles.  You may also sew the fabric circles onto the felt.  I use glue to make it easier and a bit more kid-friendly.
3.  Take the circles and pinch one edge of each circle together, like folding a pizza slice.

4.  Line all 5 folded circles up, like so:

5.  Using the needle and thread (I use a large needle and embroidery thread), guide the needle straight through the end of the pile, tying all of the pieces together.

6.  Pull the thread tight and tie off into a knot.  You will need to flat and reshape the flower petals as you go, but the result should look like this:
7.  Cut off the extra thread.  Take the 9″ piece of ribbon (longer or shorter if you prefer) and glue on the backside, between two petals as so:
8.  Cut a small felt circle as a finishing touch to the backside.  Glue into place.
9.  On the front of the flower, glue a button to the center.
10.  Hang on a tree or doorknob or give to a loved one!

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