Reopening Etsy Shop

After a 6 month hiatus (which included getting married, buying a house, renovating said house, working 2 full time jobs, not sleeping, etc.), I’ve decided that I can now devote an appropriate amount of time to my Etsy shop.  I am very happy to announce that it is back up and running.

I’m changing some things up — less ornaments, more paper goods.  The holiday ornaments I made last year were fun, but the time+materials+etsy fees+paypal fees > what I could make in profit.  Less than a dollar return on something that takes 30 minutes to make is just not feasible with my life right now.

I am working with a printer to create more notecards for the holidays and other occasions.  I’ve also been talking to a partner about working together to create laser cut wood items for the home (trivets, coasters, ornaments, napkin rings, etc.).

So, take a peak at some of the new (and relisted) items in my shop:



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