New website/blog style

It was time.  I never had a lot of that to devote to making a website.  Between client work and my lack of html/css knowledge it was never easy.  Anything I made just looked juvenile and simple (and not the good kind of minimalistic simple).

I wanted something a little gritty that melded earthy with mechanical.  I’ve always enjoyed the idea of gear and cranks working together, which is how I something feel about the design process.  It’s me, the client, the printer (sometimes 8 people the client reports to) all cogging together to make a great piece that works for everyone.  So I harkened back to one of my favorite school projects:

This was a logo I designed for the fictitious Crank Coffee Shop.  Along with a full service menu (below), I used a steampunk silhouette theme with gears, cranks and pipesteams sticking out of this ship-like blob.

So, this took care of the mechanical nature of my quest, but not the natural, earthy part.  I drew from the branches of my logo to add an earthy/real world feel to it.  This is the “enter here” drawing I finally went with:

The borders at the top of the pages on this site are another variation of the gears and branches.  I had a lot of fun with this design; it was something a bit different from I normally get to do.


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