{ Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011 }

{Printable Calendar by box64studio}

As I think about the last 365 days, I think about all the things I’ve accomplished and achieved (in no particular order):

  • Stepped up my graphic design business and exceeded all my business expectations
  • Married the most wonderful man (who brought coffee to my desk as I typed this)
  • Made some truly wonderful new friends, who I hope to see more of in 2011
  • Had the honor of standing up as Best Man at my little brother’s wedding
  • Celebrated as friends brought tiny new members of their families into their lives
  • Spent more time with my mom

And while those events were all wonderfully fulfilling and unforgettable, I hope that in 2011 I want to accomplish more “personal” things, such as:

  • Patience – I definitely need more patience :)
  • A healthier diet and exercise routine
  • A more calm and open mind to the unpredictable things in life
  • A chance to spend more time with my family
  • Spending less time staring at this computer screen

I hope that you get everything you want in 2011.  Start fresh and think about what you truly want to achieve.  It’ll be a great year!


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