Antiques and Barn Shows

Ok, this is not graphic design or wedding related, but you guys are ok with that, right?

I love shopping for antiques and spending crisp fall days in the country at vintage/antique stores and barn sales.  If you’re in the Washington, DC metro area there are a lot of option to choose from.  My husband and I love the Chesapeake Bay options, although that can be a bit of a drive.  Over the summer we bought some great pieces (at very reasonable prices!) at Tea Tyme Antiques – which is hands down the BEST place to go for furniture.  Second favorite spot to shop is around Leesburg, VA.  Old Luckett’s is a great old space with lots and lots of options.

(photo from Ekster Antiques)

Here is a fun list of my favorite places in the Washington, DC area:





I know there are tons that I’ve missed, but here are a few of my favorites for a pleasant Sunday afternoon.  Now get outside and enjoy that sunshine!


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