Wedding Postage Stamps

NOTE:  As of January 22, 2012, the postage rates have increased!  Click here for my updated “stamp increase” blog post.

As a wedding invitation designer, one question I’m asked a lot is, “what kind of stamp do you recommend?”  This is asked frequently, in regards to the postage rate and style of stamp.  Behold some current and upcoming postage stamp options with everything from classic cakes and rings to more natural and colorful options.


$0.44 Stamps

For invitations that are under 1 oz. in weight, such as flat card invitations with no separate reply cards/envelopes.

Note: the Cherry Blossom, Bonsai Garden, Weathervane and Love Ribbon options are due to come out in 2012.


$0.64 Stamps

For invitations that are between 1 oz. – 2 oz. in weight, such as flat card invitations with enclosed reply cards, envelopes.  Also used for any “non-machineable” posts such as square shaped envelopes, envelopes with buttons, ties, clasps or string closures, or any envelopes that include a non-flat item inside (such as a pen, button/pin, or other items).

Yep, your USPS $0.64 options are limited, my friends.

For different rate options, visit


Other Options

:::  ::: has tons of pre-designed and “create your own” postage options.  However, be prepared to pay twice as much for postage.  Rates run between $0.85-$1.00 per stamp for $0.44 stamps and between $1.10-$1.25 for $0.64 stamps.  For 200 $0.44 stamps, you’re going to pay $200 + tax/shipping instead of a flat $88 at your local post office.


:::  Vintage Postage  :::

Not all vintage postage is rare or worth six times as much of its face value.  Check Etsy, Ebay, Amazon, and local flea/craft markets for vintage postage sellers.  Some great online options are Verde Studio, TreasuryFox, PreciousOwlKenmore Stamps, or Champion Stamp.  However, be prepared to use lots of stamps to get you up to the current $0.44 or $0.64 rates.

Pro Tip:  Be sure you’re purchasing stamps that are unused and uncancelled.  While postage technically never expires, if it is used or cancelled, it may not be usable.


Last Photo by Cutiepie Company, used with Creative Commons License.



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