Stamp prices increase Jan. 22!

On January, 22, 2012 the US postage stamp rates (and other mailing prices) will be going up.  How does this effect you brides and grooms to be?

  • Mailing Invites AFTER Jan. 22:  If you plan to mail your invitations after January 22, you will need to purchase forever stamps, or add a 1¢ stamp to your already purchased 44¢ or 64¢ stamps.
  • Mailing Invites BEFORE Jan. 22:  Planning to mail before the cut off date?  Smart move!  But don’t forget your RSVP cards.  If you plan the provide postage on your RSVP envelopes or postcards (something Emily Post suggests is proper), don’t forget to adjust for the upcoming rate increase.  While Grandma and Aunt Muriel may reply within 24 hours, it is likely that other guests will wait a few days or weeks.  This could result in you not receiving all of your reply’s in a timing fashion, or not at all.

What exactly are the increases you ask?

  • 44¢ stamps (first class under 1 oz.) are being raised to 45¢.
  • Invitations are that square in size or over 2 oz. will now be 65¢ instead of the previous 64¢.
  • Postcards are taking the highest mark up increasing from 29¢ to 32¢.

Already purchased your 29¢, 44¢ or 64¢ stamps?  Not to fret.  Here are the current 1¢, 3¢, and 32¢ options available at

I guess “options” was too strong of a word.  But remember, you can always purchase vintage stamps to better match your invitations.  Check out my previous blog post about stamp options for more details.


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