A bit of unbuilt DC…

:::  The unbuilt John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts  :::

A few weeks ago I was searching online for Kennedy Center drawings and sketches to use as inspiration for an upcoming project.  While doing so, I found quite a few renderings and drawings of never-seen additions and renovations for the building.  Take a peak…

This is what the view of the Kennedy Center from the Potomac River looks like today, Heidi Ruesswick

This is one option for what the “National Cultural Center” (later named Kennedy Center) would look like, Edward Durell Stone, 1959 (University of Arkansas Libraries, Fayetteville)

A 1987 rendering of what the access from the River Terrace to the Potomac River could look like, Arthur Cotton Moore via FoggyBottomAssociation

This photo from 1964 shows an architects model of a proposed segment of the outdoor Roof Terrace.  How fun would it be to have a merry-go-round on the room of a performing arts building!  Detroit News photo archieve

This rendering depicts an expansion option for the Center, which would have included a 1200 foot long structure to house offices, rehearsal spaces and parking.  It also would have allowed for an outdoor festival space.  Arch-EtAl

This drawing provides us with a vision of a Plaza which would better connect the Center to the National Mall and subsequently, the other monumnets and memorials.  This plan would make the small stretch of I-66 an underground tunnel and add access routes for pedestrians from the River Terrae down to the Potomac waterfront.  EE&K

1962 sketch of a proposed version of the Kennedy Center.  I love that the River Plaza extends over Rock Creek Parkway and out to the actual river.  I also  thuroughly enjoy the open air atrium in the center of the room level.  Detroit News photo archieve


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