Inspiration :: The Old Time Junk Shop

Having a rustic, country, farmhouse, vintage, DIY wedding this year?  Know someone who is?  You must visit The Old Time Junk Shop.  Just check out some of these amazing finds:

Colorful, used vintage stamps.  25 for $5.25

This wooden tray would make a PERFECT escort card tray for a country or farmhouse wedding.  $26.00

These would make some really unique table numbers. $6.75/each or get 10 for $55.00 here.

1940’s (or so) bright red domino’s.  7 for $10.95

Vintage Brass Tokens with numbers stamped on them – could be great for escort cards or table seating?  $3.00

Beautiful antique cobalt blue bottles – hello beautiful centerpieces!  3 for $6.00

Complete set of vintage typewriter keys.  $65.00

And of course, that’s just the tip of the barrel.  This shop has tons more to offer in terms of vintage and antique keys, stamps, buttons, vases, boxes, hardware, signs and other fun things.  Check it out!


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