Getting back to things…

As you may remember, I wrote a post a while ago on how many of us in the creative industry have other jobs to help pay the rent.  I think most of us dream of being able to design/photograph/create/plan full time, but running a full time business with no other source of income can be hard.  Having another job, either full time or part time, is nothing to be ashamed of in my opinion, especially when you’re first starting your business.

Since June, I’ve been freelancing as a designer and event planning after being temporarily laid off from my full time job while the space I worked in underwent a huge renovation.

Photos from Kennedy Center Facebook page

I was genuinely excited for this time off so that I could really look at growing my business and see if it was possible for me to design full time.  Or if I even really wanted to.  Well, as always, life has many plans for us.  I found out shortly after leaving that I was pregnant (hooray!).  And as the old saying goes, “having a baby changes everything.”  The pregnancy has been harder than I thought it would and I’ve had to take off more time to keep myself healthy.  So maybe this isn’t the right year to be expanding my business after all.  No problem.  Now I just have more time to plan for the direction of my business!

As of last week, I started working back at my “9 to 5” and I am really enjoying the work I’m doing there.  I’ll continue to juggle the two jobs, as I have for the last four years, until the baby comes in April.  From there?  Who knows. I plan to keep my options open and re-evaluate once I know how having a little one in my life will change things for my family.

Baby Items on Etsy – photo links:  1, 2, 3


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