2013 Postage for Weddings & Events

If you’re a regular follower of my (admittedly-not-so-oftenly-updated) blog, you’ll remember that I posted information about the postage increase and stamp design options last year around this time.  Well, it’s January again which means it’s time for a USPS postage price increase and new lovely stamp design options!

New rates will be in effect starting Jan. 27, 2013. 

Increase for International First Class Mail:

  • Regular Mail (under 1 ounce) is increasing to a $0.46 stamp.  Or you can continue to use or stock up on “forever” stamps.
  • Mail between 1-2 ounces (many invitation suites) will increase to $0.66.
  • Postcards will increase to $0.33.

Increase for International First Class Mail:

  •  All International Mail under 1 ounce will now use a $1.10 stamp (sorry Canada).

What this Means for You:

  • If you are mailing invitations BEFORE Jan. 27, you will save some money on your outer envelopes (aren’t you so smart!).  BUT, remember to use the higher postage rates or forever stamps on your RSVP postcards/envelopes so that your guests (who could reply after Jan. 27) will not be caught with embarrassing “returned due to insufficient postage” mail.
  • If you plan to mail your invitations AFTER Jan. 27, remember to use increased postage on both your outer envelopes and RSVP materials.

New Design Options:


Other Options:

  • Zazzle.com – “Create your own” and pre-designed stamp options in any postage rate.  But be prepared to pay twice as much as government issued stamps.
  • Vintage Stamps – Check Etsy,EbayAmazon, and local flea/craft markets for vintage postage sellers.  Some great online options are Verde StudioTreasuryFoxPreciousOwlKenmore Stamps, or Champion Stamp.
    • Pro Tip:  Be sure you’re purchasing stamps that are unused and uncancelled.  While postage technically never expires, if it is used or cancelled, it may not be usable.

Business Owners:

  • Do you love shipping USPS Priority Flat Rate like I do?  Rates are going up for us as well.
    • Small box — $5.80
    • Medium box — $12.35
    • Large box — $16.85
    • Large APO/FPO box — $14.85
    • Regular envelope — $5.60
    • Legal envelope — $5.75
    • Padded envelope — $5.95

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