Throwback Thursday // Artomatic 2008

In 2008 I participated in my first Artomatic – Washington, DC’s all-inclusive, free arts festival. This was before I started *actually* designing. At this point I was just messing around with photoshop and throwing things together in…wait for it…publisher. Yes, you can flog me now. Anyway, this is what I designed for my promotional postcard that year.

Artomatic Postcard

Back in 2008 I was experimenting with photography and art and decided to produce an exhibit that was just for fun.  It was my first year participating in Artomatic (or any kind of exhibit), so I wanted to make something that I wasn’t designing to sell or further my portfolio, but instead something that I enjoyed producing and installing.  I put together a wall of photographs consisting of various black and white images of one architectural model my mother built. By the way, my mom is an architect and the basic balsa wood model is one of my favorites – a lake house she designed.  I collected different frames and painted them all black to add some interest to the wall without taking away from the model images.



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