Father’s Day Book

Sunday is Fathers Day.  Its not quite fair that Mother’s Day comes first, because now I have to live up to the great present that my  husband…errrr…my daughter made for me.  With a little help from dad and bunch of messy finger paints, I was handed my first piece of art.

So for Father’s Day I decided to also make something “from Lydia.”  My husband doesn’t has a smart phone and doesn’t keep photos in his wallet, however he is constantly asked to see pictures of the baby on a daily basis.  And since we’ve been trying to save money, because let’s face it kids are expensive – I decided to create this little book to keep with him and I did it for $9.  Before coming up with the project, I looked through my office for things I could use.  I found the following:

  • Pack of 50 4″x6″ photo paper that came free with my printer ink
  • Tons of sample and scrap pieces of card stock
  • Leftover of ribbon from baby gifts

Unfortunately the ribbon binding didn’t quite work, as I realized that the time it would take me to hand punch 30+ pages would be too much.  A 5 minute trip to our local Kinko’s and $9 later – I have a nice little spiral bound book.


P.S. Please excuse the photo quality and color.  This is what I get for taking photos at night with my iphone!



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