Bright and Happy Nursery

I blogged a while back about prepping to design my daughters nursery and realized I never showed any of the final results!  Well, here it is…

nursery hitchcock creative

I can’t thank my mother and aunt enough for helping me make this room the bright and happy space it is.  They assisted me with picking out fabrics and handmade the quilt, bumper, pillow, and doll you see here.  My mom also bought me the crib and adorable knitted owl mobile that finished it all off.


Our neighbor gave me rocker/glider, which my mom recovered for me (AND made the small pillow).  She also painted the ABC poster in the background, which hung in my nursery 30+ years ago.  And while the cat was already in the house when we started this project, the footstool he’s sitting on was a Target clearance section purchase.


Here’s a selection of dresses that we purchased at second hand and thrift stores.  I can’t wait for her to fit into all of the them.


Lastly, here’s a detailed photo of the pillow my aunt made me, from the first picture.  Such a creative use of the left over fabrics from the quilt!

All and all, I’m very pleased with how the room turned out.  We love spending time in it!


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