Hello out there! (back to blogging…sort of)

Yep, I got busy and stopped blogging.  Again.  For the twelve-zillionth time.  During my maternity leave (when I was completely off from job #2 and only working on one project for job #1), I had a plethora of time to blog.  The baby would sleep and I would write or find photos for inspiration boards.  I was determined to make it stick this time.  I was going to blog!  That lasted about 10 weeks (the exact length of my maternity leave).

Then I realized something.

I have been trying to post daily because I felt that was what I needed to do as the owner of a small, creative business.  Never mind that I have enough projects to keep me busy 40 hours a week, a newborn to take care of, and (up until last week) ANOTHER job that also required my attention for 40 hours a week.  I still felt that I wasn’t running my business correctly if I wasn’t posting something creative at least 3 times a week and keeping my viewers engaged.  And posting on Facebook.  And Twitter.  AND Pinterest.  AND Instagram.  Whoa.  Who has time for all this?!

Then I realized something else.

Blogging (and to an extent, social media) doesn’t have to be my priority and it really shouldn’t be right now.  I don’t need to live up to the other creative’s who blog 5 + times a week and post the perfect number of status updates and instagram pic’s.  If it’s taking up X hours of my week, that’s X hours I’m NOT spending with my daughter/husband or working with a client.  Sure there are arguments for the free exposure and building a brand and I don’t dismiss those.  But for now, I’m going to leave the full time blogging up to the real bloggers.

You’ll still see things from me, of course.  But for now I’m going to accept my fate as an inconsistent blogger.


Infographic by Awareness


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