What do your Envelopes say about you?

So, you’re sending out an invitation.  It has all the relevant information and is tastefully designed.  But what if no one sees it because they don’t open it?  I firmly believe that the envelope, stamp, artwork, and addresses are an intricate part of the overall feel and design of your invitation – and your event!

Well, these days there are some amazing envelope options online and many are the same cost as the standard white flimsy ones.  Below are some of my favorite ways to get people excited about what they are about to open.

To give you an idea of pricing, I have included the estimated base cost of a 500 pack of A7 envelopes (no shipping, taxes, printing  or discounts included).

colorful envelopes

Oh, the colors!  Some of my favorite lines of bright colors:
French Pop-Tone, Astrobrights, Mohawk BriteHues, Eames Furniture, & Smart Brights.

Anthracite Metallic Envelopes from envelopes.com

There are a ton of metallic options on the market, so you can go with your standard gold (or green or orange!).  But I especially love these shimmered steel grey envelopes.  They are a thick 80# weight, but you will want to consider labels or having supplier envelopes.com print your addresses with white ink.
Anthracite Metallic Envelopes (A7) – $146.95

White Pique Envelopes from envelopes.com

Is a colored option not the right fit for your event?  Let your white stand out from the crowd with textured envelopes.  Felt, Linen, GrooveCanvas, Parchment – there are lots to choose from.
White Pique Envelopes (A7) – $85.95


I absolutely love the Mod-Tone series from French Paper!  Great options and you can print on them without the hassle of labels.
Mod-Tone Azure (A7) – $88.20


I favor the built-in liner option, but if you’re crafty, you can purchase liners separately and glue them in yourself.  There are some great liner options (I’m partial to the shiny LUX red!).
White w/ Red LUX Lining Envelopes (A7) – $90.95 

Grass Print Envelopes from envelopes.com

Does your event call for something a little wacky and bold? Now, I’ve never actually used these inventive envelopes from envelopes.com.  But aren’t they perfect for your next backyard barbecue?!
Grass Print Envelopes (A7) – $106.95


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