Mark Twain 2013 Program Book

On Sunday, October 20, 2013 the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts taped the sixteenth annual Mark Twain Prize for American Humor celebrating Carol Burnett.  The show will air on November 24, 2013 on PBS stations.

Along with the taping of the show, the Kennedy Center hosts a Gala afterwards, as one of it’s largest fundraisers of the year.  I’ve been honored to design the event pieces for the last few years and it’s easily my most favorite event to work on!  Below is a peak at our sparkly program book for the Gala guests.  It went fabulously with the 60’s decor!


Father’s Day Book

Sunday is Fathers Day.  Its not quite fair that Mother’s Day comes first, because now I have to live up to the great present that my  husband…errrr…my daughter made for me.  With a little help from dad and bunch of messy finger paints, I was handed my first piece of art.

So for Father’s Day I decided to also make something “from Lydia.”  My husband doesn’t has a smart phone and doesn’t keep photos in his wallet, however he is constantly asked to see pictures of the baby on a daily basis.  And since we’ve been trying to save money, because let’s face it kids are expensive – I decided to create this little book to keep with him and I did it for $9.  Before coming up with the project, I looked through my office for things I could use.  I found the following:

  • Pack of 50 4″x6″ photo paper that came free with my printer ink
  • Tons of sample and scrap pieces of card stock
  • Leftover of ribbon from baby gifts

Unfortunately the ribbon binding didn’t quite work, as I realized that the time it would take me to hand punch 30+ pages would be too much.  A 5 minute trip to our local Kinko’s and $9 later – I have a nice little spiral bound book.


P.S. Please excuse the photo quality and color.  This is what I get for taking photos at night with my iphone!


Throwback Thursday // Artomatic 2008

In 2008 I participated in my first Artomatic – Washington, DC’s all-inclusive, free arts festival. This was before I started *actually* designing. At this point I was just messing around with photoshop and throwing things together in…wait for it…publisher. Yes, you can flog me now. Anyway, this is what I designed for my promotional postcard that year.

Artomatic Postcard

Back in 2008 I was experimenting with photography and art and decided to produce an exhibit that was just for fun.  It was my first year participating in Artomatic (or any kind of exhibit), so I wanted to make something that I wasn’t designing to sell or further my portfolio, but instead something that I enjoyed producing and installing.  I put together a wall of photographs consisting of various black and white images of one architectural model my mother built. By the way, my mom is an architect and the basic balsa wood model is one of my favorites – a lake house she designed.  I collected different frames and painted them all black to add some interest to the wall without taking away from the model images.


Designing a Family Board

After a little rearranging of our living room / dining room / kitchen space, we ended up with a nice little desk area for “family business” and large blank wall above it. I decided to design a custom board to help organize our family schedules, meals and mail.  Here’s the basic idea:


I want part of it be cork so I can pin up notes and a monthly calendar.  The other part will be a chalk board for our weekly dinner menu. I’m also carving out space to organize our incoming / outgoing mail.

Capitol Hill love!

I’m proud to say I once called Capitol Hill in Washington, DC my home. For 8 years I lived in he brick sidewalk, park filled neighborhood. I’ve now moved out into the suburbs of Virginia for many reasons. But I still love to visit and support the small businesses that reside there.

In February, I had the pleasure of visiting the lovely ladies at BRAVO! Events by Design on 8th Street. While I was there, the Capitol Hill BID shot part of our meeting to use in their “Celebrating 10 Years of Capitol Hill Bid” video. Check it out! And look for (a very pregnant) yours truly around the 3:30 mark.